IHURER Seminar: Land-use / transport interaction models

Dr David Simmonds, Honorary Professor at IHURER, presented his work on  ‘Land-use/transport interaction models’ on Tuesday 19th  of February 2013. These models are used to inform planning and infrastructure problems. The first part of his presentation outlined the ways in which land-use/transport interaction (LUTI) models can provide insights and evidence to inform policy- and decision-making in land-use and transport planning, housing policy, environmental protection, etc.  This referred in particular to the use of LUTI models as part of Transport Scotland’s programme for Land-use and Transport Integration in Scotland (LATIS).  The second part considered the ways in which research into housing and commercial property markets can be (and is being) used to inform and enhance these models, with examples based on research carried out as IHURER, and possible implications both for modelling and for research.

Land use and transport models are an important policy tool
Land use and transport models are an important policy tool

David Simmonds studied Town and Country Planning at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and the use of mathematical models in planning for his PhD at Cambridge. He worked as an Economic Analyst with London Transport before joining ME&P as a consultant. In 1990 he set up David Simmonds Consultancy, particularly to develop and apply improved methods of forecasting the interactions between land-use, transport and the economy. David has directed a wide range of projects including forecasts used in public inquiries for Edinburgh Congestion Charging and the M74 completion. He has also been responsible for a numerous other studies including contributions to the 1999 SACTRA report on Transport and the Economy. He is a regular contributor to professional conferences, has published papers in journals including Environment and Planning B and Transportation Research Record, and is joint editor of a recent book on residential location models.

Date Time Location Speaker(s) Presentation Topic
Tuesday 19thFebruary 4.15pm Heriot-Watt University, Room WA311 Dr David Simmonds,DSC & Honorary Professor, Heriot-Watt. Land Use-Transport Interaction Models: insights and implications for planning, and enhancement through housing and property research’

Tea & edible goodies provided at each session – please come along!

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