Franklin is a registered mental health nurse with experience working in crisis mental health services in both NHS England and NHS Scotland.

Franklin’s research focus is on health’s role in homelessness prevention, with a particular interest in the role and experiences of frontline workers in both the health and homelessness sectors. Franklin has a particular interest in how frontline workers are impacted by under resourcing of services, trauma, poverty, institutional racism and discrimination, and the impact this has on care provision.

Franklin also works in student support services providing mental health mentoring to disabled students to enable them to have equitable access to university education. Franklin is passionate about Disability Justice and LGBTQIA+ inclusion. They have lived experience as a disabled and Autistic person, as the Child of a Deaf Adult (CODA), and as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. They have created and presented training on Deaf Awareness, Trans Awareness, and supporting LGBTQIA+ people in mental health services.

Contact details

Franklin Johnstone Didymus (they/ them)