I need to commission an evaluation – where do I start?

Date: November 19, 2020
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

I-SPHERE in partnership with the Oak Foundation and UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) are running an online event aimed at voluntary or public sector organisations in the housing and homelessness sector who want to commission research or evaluation.

It will be an opportunity to hear more about the benefits of undertaking research and evaluation, as well as some practical steps to designing and undertaking a project. It will help you with where to start, where to go for help and what to look out for. It is also a chance to connect and share experiences with people in similar positions across the sector.


OpeningProfessor David Robinson, Head of Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield and Co-Investigator at CaCHE
About Research and EvaluationProfessor Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Director of I-SPHERE
The Funders’ PerspectiveRaji Hunan, Director of Housing and Homelessness Programme, Oak Foundation
Example of Commissioning EvaluationPhil Davis, Coordinator of Hope Projects Birmingham and Dr Beth Watts, Researcher at I-SPHERE