International Impact

International Impact

I-SPHERE’s mission is to use world-class research to help drive change for people affected by extreme disadvantage.   Here are two recent examples of how our work is influencing change internationally.


Australia – Influencing parliamentary inquiry on welfare conditions

Australia’s Senate is undertaking an Inquiry into Parents Next – a controversial compulsory ‘pre-employment’ programme for recipients of the Parenting Payment.  Several respondees to the inquiry, including the Australian Human Rights Commission, cite evidence from the ESRC Welfare Conditionality project and Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick and Dr Beth Watts Welfare Conditionality book.  They draw on evidence that Welfare Conditionality was found to be largely ineffective in facilitating people’s entry into or progression within the paid labour market over time and that sanctions or the threat of sanctions were found to be counterproductive.  Find out more abut I-SPHERE’s work on Welfare conditionality at



Korea – Influencing child friendly environments

The International Child Rights Center recently published government-funded research and recommendations on improving child friendly environments in the Korean context.  Following her visit to Seoul last year, I-SPHERE’s Dr Jenny Wood was appointed as an advisor on the research along with advisors from UNICEF Korea; Seoul National University; Kyonggi University and the Korea Youth Policy Institute.  The Republic of Korea faces a review of its compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child this year and it is an exciting time to drive forward change in the child rights agenda.  Find out more about Dr Jenny Wood’s work on child friendly environments here



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