I-SPHERE Seminar – Findings from our Oak Foundation Research Interns Dr Ionut Cioarta and Christiana Ajai-Thomas on Roma Homelessness in the UK and Young Black Homelessness in London

Date: January 23, 2024
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Location: Online

We are absolutely delighted to share the findings of research from our last two research interns, Christiana (Roni) and Ionut on issues of race and homelessness in the UK that you can watch again here.

Our interns are funded by the Oak Foundation as part of our Homelessness and Black and Minoritised Ethnic Communities in the UK – Knowledge and Capacity Building Programme – I-SPHERE (hw.ac.uk)

The seminar presents findings from two distinct research projects.

Firstly Christiana Ajai-Thomas sets out the findings of her recent study conducted with young black people in London with lived experience of homelessness. Christiana explores the young people’s routes into homelessness, their experiences of different forms of homelessness within the context of the London Housing crisis and their experiences of statutory and wider services and considers these against the theory of place and placelessness.

Secondly Dr Ionut Cioarta presents his research on the Phenomenon of Roma Homelessness in the UK. Ionut’s research was published last year and provides important insights on housing issues facing Roma people based on interviews with stakeholders and people with lived experience in two case study areas – Luton and Govan, Glasgow. His research found evidence of significant inequality and examples of discrimination and set out recommendations for stakeholders to improve how they work with Roma people. You can read the report here