Destitution in the UK 2020

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation today published our research on Destitution in the UK.

Our third major destitution study found more than a million UK households experienced destitution at some point in 2019. These households
contained 2.4 million people  (a 54% increase since 2017 ) and included 550,000 children. 

Our interviews with people living in destitution during COVID 19 also found that for many the pressures brought about by the pandemic exacerbated the difficulties they were already facing.

You can find full details of our reports and JRF policy recommendations at Destitution in the UK 2020 | JRF

A huge thank you to all the organisations and individuals who supported this research, many of whom we look forward to connecting with at the launch webinar event tomorrow.   Do join if you can and follow the debate on our twitter @ISPHERE_HWU