I-SPHERE Seminars 2021

I-SPHERE will kick off our 2021 seminar programme  tomorrow (Wednesday 20th January) at 10am with a seminar by Katie Curchin from Australian National University.  Katie will talk about her recent research on Moral Framing of Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients in Australia and the debate surrounding this contentious issue.  It links with the work that I-SPHERE have done on Welfare Conditionality and we hope you can join us for what will no doubt be a fascinating presentation and interesting debate.

In February we will welcome back Dr Charlotte McPherson to present on her research for I-SPHERE and the Oak Foundation on Young People and Food Insecurity.

In March we look forward to welcoming John McKendrick from Glasgow Caledonian University to present  a seminar on Playful Poverty.

We have a series of brilliant presenters lined up for events over the coming year. You can find full up to date information on all our seminars at Seminars – I-SPHERE (hw.ac.uk).  And for any of our 2020 seminars that you missed or would like to go back to click here to watch again.

Hope to see lots of you at 10am tomorrow and at future events.