Wednesday 17th February seminar on young people and food insecurity

Today at 3.45pm, I-SPHERE welcome back Dr Charlotte McPherson to present a seminar on:

Young people, food insecurity and Covid-19: a qualitative study in Edinburgh and London

About the seminar

The experiences of young people have largely been missing from recent controversy about food insecurity and rising food bank use in the UK, despite young people’s greater exposure to key risk factors including poverty, destitution and homelessness, in addition to age-based discriminations in the labour market and social security system.

This seminar will present on a qualitative exploration of experiences of food insecurity among young adults (aged 18 to 26) living in Edinburgh and London that was conducted during the first nationwide lockdown of the UK in 2020. Drawing on interview data, Charlotte will discuss the causal factors behind the participants’ food insecurity, the strategies they used to navigate it, and their experiences of, and perspectives on, formal and informal support around food and hunger. The seminar will reflect on the potentially distinctive factors associated with experiencing food insecurity as a young person and the implications of these findings for current policy approaches to young people in the UK, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Charlotte

Charlotte was the I-SPHERE and Oak Foundation 2020 research intern, and her presentation is based on the research she produced for this internship.  Click here for the full report or read the short Executive summary Young people, food insecurity and Covid 19 Summary pdf.

Charlotte has a degree and masters in Social Policy and Research and completed her PHD at Stirling University in 2020 on ‘Working-class young people’s experiences of, and perspectives on, social justice during their youth transitions in contemporary urban Scotland’.  She is now working as a Research Associate at King’s College London on an ESRC project exploring the experiences of young people who do not go to university in England.

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So grab yourself a cup of tea and any leftover pancakes and join us online for The presentation and discussion:

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